We asked 131 Belgian digital designers how much they earn. Here’s what they answered…

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Here’s how the average gross salary changes as more experience is gained.

Agency vs in-house

Here are the average gross salaries in design agencies vs. companies that own their product.

Salaries by city

Here are the average gross salaries of digital designers in major Belgian cities.


There is a range of extras that Belgian designers receive on top of their salaries (a common practice in Belgium), such as:

  1. Meal-cheques
  2. 13th month salary
  3. Hospital insurance
  4. Eco-cheques
  5. Public transportation pass
  6. Company car
  7. Gas card
  8. Mobile phone


We calculated the average gross salary for the design roles we had enough data. That’s why we excluded any data for Service Designers and Design Researchers. If you’re one, please add your salary.

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